Miss Jessies - No refund only exchange

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I called miss Jessie's to ask if i could return an 8oz jar of the curly pudidng and found out that i could only get an exchange, if i don't like the products why would i want to exchange it for some other bad product. I used the sample of the curly pudding and found that it does not do as stated. Basically they lied on their site and advertisments never will i purchase something that expensive again especially from them they are a scam, i think that the videos they post the people already have relaxed hair

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Miss Jessies - Roanoke-miss jessie's haircare


I am and African-American woman who proudly wears a God given natural mane of glory,however I have been unable to purchase a product(s) that has been advertised on Miss.Jessie's website,as being available in the Target stores. I truly do believe that I am not the only woman of color that would enjoy the opportunity to purchase these products,here in Roanoke,Virginia.

I am thankful for the store manager directing me to verbalize my concerns on this on matter to your consumers complaints page. Please address this concern,thank-you. Sincerely, Mrs.

J. Woods

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Miss Jessies - Miss Jessie's refused courtesy request waive $12.95 s.h. $9 item.

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Miss Jessie's customer service gets an "Extreme Thumbs Down" from me,

it s----! (Prefer "Extreme Thumbs Down" to be in all caps.)

Been "Napptural" since April '09 and of course that means still navigating the road of what hair products will be best for my desired looks. Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme was suggested. Went to the website for locations in my part of the country to purchase the product and after calling these places, discovered none of them carry the 2oz. jar, best for my trial and on the website, only the 4 oz. and 8 oz.

Called Miss Jessie's, at a phone number on the website, to order the 2 oz.

Curly Buttercreme, cost $9. Here's the kicker, the service person then quoted $3.95 handling + $9 shipping charges, bringing my once $9 item to $21.95, Wow You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!!! (Prefer "Wow You Have Got To Be Kidding Me" to be in all caps.)

Explained to her this was to be a trial and didn't want to be out $21.95 if the product didn't work and requested one or both of the charges be waived. She denied my request and began a lame sales pitch on how good the product is and even had the unmitigated audacity to refer me to other websites who

might have "cheaper shipping/handling".

Result, Miss Jessie's service person didn't make a sell due to ignorance to some customer service basics. Who turns down a basic courtesy request to waive shipping and/or handling charges, especially in these times when African American hair care products businesses are battling with the Asians. Evidently Miss Jessie's doesn't need my new business now nor future business. Big Mistake Miss Jessie's, Huge!!! (Prefer "Big Mistake Miss Jessie's, Huge" to be in all caps.)

I will never try, use and don't recommend you try or use, any of these hugely popular products and why, because Miss Jessie's Doesn't Have a Customer Service Clue!!! (You need to get one Miss Jessie girl.) (Prefer "Miss Jessie's Doesn't Have a Customer Service Clue" to be in all caps)

Of course if customer service is not your thing then...!!!

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Miss Jessies - Miss Jessie's customer service sucks!

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I mistakenly ordered a hair product online and wanted to exchange it for the hair product i really wanted without incurring the shipping charges. The charges were rather high I thought, $12.26 for 8 oz.

The product I wanted was actually more expensive. I just wanted to order the new product and swap out the old one when the UPS person delivered it. After one week and 4 phone calls, I was refused this small accommodation. Even if I shipped back the product I don't want and get nothing, it'll cost me $12.26!

Don't do business with Miss Jessie--she doesn't care about her customers or future business!!!

Monetary Loss: $34.

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